Allow us to assist you in resolving liens and reimbursement rights that are asserted against lawsuit recoveries. Utilizing our experience and connections, we save your staff time and countless headaches. We are only compensated when we are able to reduce the liens, we then pass savings on to you, and our services are billable to your client.

Countless hours of your staff’s time can be consumed when reaching out to different companies and entitlement programs with which they aren’t familiar. We can take that load off your staff. We have long-standing working relationships with most major carriers, understand the process, and know who to contact. We also have extensive experience working with Medicaid and Medicare liens, including, but not limited to, proprietary processes of communicating with, and following up the Coordination of Benefits Contractor, and the Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractor.

Let us handle the phone calls, the emails and the letters to save you time, and your client money.

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