What is a
Structured Settlement?

Structured Settlements are an innovative method of providing guaranteed periodic payments, in lieu of an all cash settlement. A Structured Settlement allows protection from dissipation, and allows for peace of mind of claimants and their attorneys.

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Our clients know us as the hardest working consultants in the industry.

Summit is the national leader in providing superior and comprehensive service in structured settlements, government benefits preservation, and settlement services.

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Why Choose Summit
Structured Settlements?

Summit Structured Settlements reflects the traditions of excellence inherent to the structured settlement industry.

  • We are a leader in providing quality structured settlement services.
  • Involved business residents who genuinely care for the well-being of our community.
  • Summit has placed over $4 billion in structured settlement annuity premium.

“Structured settlements provide ongoing income and reduce the risk of blowing  a lump  sum through poor financial choices”

Suze Orman