Sean C Petronzi

Sean has been a structured settlement Consultant for over 19 years and is one of the nation’s most progressive structured settlement and settlement planning specialists. Plaintiff exclusive since 2005, Sean has handled over 1,500 cases over the years and assisted trial lawyers and injury victims to plan the proper use of their settlement proceeds, always making sure that they are never taken advantage of by defense carriers and their Consultants.

Products and services include structured settlement annuities, settlement planning, 468B trust design and administration, trial lawyer structured legal fee retirement programs, as well as Special Needs Trust and Medicare Set Aside consulting. Sean is dedicated to assisting injury victims, claimants, and their attorneys in resolving their legal financial claims, and advocating the injury victim’s right to choose their own settlement planning advisors.

Sean covers all areas of structured settlements, attorney fee structures, settlement planning, as well as strategic issues related to multi-claimant cases and the use of 468B qualified settlement funds. Sean is a member of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA).